Muskoka Thunder

Vic Wood

Co-Founder & Past President

"Muskoka Thunder was founded to help children, veterans and bring our community together, That's what it's all about. Every member that we have has joined for that reason."

Thunder History

Muskoka Thunder Motorcycle Riders was a small founding group of 8 in the beginning and continues to grow each years with new members.
Vic Wood along with the founding members created two very important rides for our club, The Warriors Day Ride & Music on the Barge. These rides sit very close to our club.
Muskoka Thunder proudly supports Gravenhurst Charity Bike Night, Bike Night has been organized and ran solely by Thunder members since 2008.
Muskoka Thunder & Gravenhurst Charity Bike Night together have raised over 200k for local Children and veterans in our community.

An Award

Our very own president Jennifer Brunton was nominated and awarded a Community Spirit Award from the Town of Gravenhurst for all that she does for her community with the help of her fellow Muskoka Thunder members.